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Specialised production

Jiangsu Zhonghe Aluminium Co., Ltd. We are the first manufacturer which have the full set of complete production process from aluminium ingot,melting, casting and rolling,cold rolling,roll coating,spray coating , composite ,metal plate We are the large scale production and export enterprises large enterprises ,our product have aluminium coil/sheet,aluminium composite panel/honeycomb panel,metal decorating thermal insulation panel,aluminium ceiling,ceiling substrate,Aluminium square tube/buckle/grilles,aluminium veneer/corrugated plate,heat-reflective metal roof. The company covers an area of 80,000 square meters, total sales of $ 1 billion per year. And 70% of our products exported to Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Southeast Asia, 30% used in the domestic well-known projects

Advanced equipment

We boast the world advanced production equipment and testers,excellent processes and a strict and perfect quality management system as well as a leading scientific and technological team consisting of professional technical elites.Based on those,we make full use of new technologies,processes and materials to ensure our products' stability and reliability.The high product quality comes from advanced manufacturing equipment while the awareness of fine products from continual innovation.








Product Testing

Our company has set up a first-rate inspection center in China and developed information-based management subsystems like quality management, test management, quality inspection, measuring control and management of physical and chemical analyses to meet our requirements for the high-quality management level.

Our inspection center provides functions like testing, research and development for various products. It's equipped with mirror display gloss meter, film coating pencil scrath hardness tester, digital display electronic tension tester, visual color comparator, analytic balance, Coating impact instrument, solvent resistant smearing instrument, adherometer, UV accelerated aging test chamber, salt spray test chamber and so on. All of us, from every high-level leader to every employee, attach importance to the concept of continual quality improvement to build up our company's culture of "quality core".

Quality assurance

From the material outsourcing to the production of semi-finished products and to the packaging and release of products, Shuangou Technology is provided with the first-rate testing center of China for the control over every link to stop uncacceptable products from flowing into the market, thus ensuring the "zero-defect" quality of Shuangou products.


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