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Aluminum honeycomb board partition series

From:Jiangsu Zhonghe Aluminium Co., Ltd.  Time:2015/5/29 10:51:38  Hits:

The emergence of aluminum honeycomb board, breaking the traditional partition mode, with its noble, fresh, stylish style, won the middle, high-end office space market share. Aluminum honeycomb board to do partition has the following advantages: Fire: aluminum plate for non combustible material. Corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb board is surface treated by epoxy fluorocarbon, with strong corrosion resistance. Salt spray spray for 48 hours without pinhole, crack, not foaming. Environmental protection: honeycomb board belongs to pure aluminum products, do not volatile any harmful gas, and no radioactive and can be completely recycling, environmentally friendly products. Aluminum honeycomb panels easy to dismantle and assembly, and will not dismantle the bad plate. Because of its light weight and convenient transportation, it can be transported to different places for many times and repeatedly..


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