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Recycled aluminum non-ferrous metals market is broad

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According to Hong Kong on December 13 news, by the tight domestic supply concerns push Chinese aluminum smelters next year will be willing to pay a higher purchase price of alumina. China is the world's largest aluminum producer and consumer countries. Traders and smelter sources said, in 2013 the import price of alumina for the London Metal Exchange (LME) aluminum price of approximately 16.1% -16.3%, FOB (FOB) basis, higher than 2012's 15.2% -15.5%. Can be calculated according to the proportion of bauxite prices. For example, LME aluminum Thursday 2,133.5 dollars per tonne, the price of 16.1%, that is the price of alumina $ 343.5 per ton, FOB basis. Informed sources said that in recent weeks, Chinese smelters also accept a higher proportion in LME aluminum prices fell below U.S. $ 2,000 per tonne, to smelters to create a locking cargo appreciation. "Smelters can no longer rely on domestic supply, and" a large smelting enterprises not to be named, said purchasing manager. "Slower than the expansion of alumina refining capacity expansion and if in Xinjiang, the new production capacity next year, the supply will become more tight. Xinjiang is China's electrolytic aluminum industry a rising star in 2015 Xinjiang electrolysis aluminum production capacity is expected to reach 1,000 million tons, which is about twice Henan currently Henan is China's largest aluminum producing province. Jinrui Futures analyst said that despite the past two years, Xinjiang electrolytic aluminum production capacity by over three million ton, but only one-third of the current operation capacity, due to lack of regular electricity supply, he said that idle capacity or to start production from next year. Chinese aluminum smelters also signed a global producer of alumina index pricing agreement in 2013, such as Alcoa. called index pricing, in fact, with reference to the spot market transaction price index established by the final analysis, index pricing so long association with the spot market prices tend to move closer, even though the two are not entirely consistent. alumina year Pricing is usually LME prices 10-17%, but the global manufacturers that are no longer with the LME-linked system response alumina production costs and market fundamentals. A source said, China's largest producer of alumina - Aluminum Corporation of China agreed in 2013 to Shanghai aluminum futures contract price of 17.2% -17.5% of the price to the smelters to provide products that this year is 16% -17% in 2013 this proportion increases may support the spot price of alumina and aluminum itself. "smelter positive ordered alumina. "Guizhou Province, said the manager of a smelter." They are concerned that if next year's aluminum production capacity in Xinjiang fully released, push up the price of alumina. "Since June, China's top five producers of alumina production capacity will be reduced by 10%, due to Indonesia from May onwards on some metal ores impose a 20% export duty, resulting from Indonesia's bauxite imports fell Official figures show that this year the first 11 months, China's primary aluminum production was 1,816 tons, representing an increase of 12.3% over the same period last year alumina production increased by 10.3% to 3,468 tonnes. This year from January to November, China's alumina imports surged 175.8% to 4.63 million tons. Chinese manufacturers each processing one ton of aluminum requires about two tons of alumina.


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