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Aluminium Reflective Metal Roofing Plate

Aluminium Reflective Metal Roofing Plate

Detailed introduction

Zhonghe brand aluminium magnesium manganese metal roof panel, with excellent perception and excellent weathering resistance, easy and quick installation, without perforation, layout remained intact, has excellent waterproof performance.
Aluminum magnesium manganese metal roof panels, from aluminum alloy coil continuous extrusion molding, can be in the field, production of the length of the line, without longitudinal overlap, eliminating the roof leakage hazard. It is the main materials for the large steel structures such as gymnasium, convention center, railway station, airport, etc..



1 no feeder port, no screw hole, the appearance of the building complete
2 can be curved into inner and outer arc
3 choose different material and color
4 overall structural waterproof, drainage function
5 can be used as small as 1.50 slope roof
6 excellent wind resistance (with the master), especially in typhoon and rainstorm regions
7 can eliminate the stress caused by thermal expansion and cold shrinkage
8 simple, fast machine volume, convenient construction, economy
9 to facilitate the laying of heat insulation layer
10 without chemical sealing glue, eliminating pollution and aging problems
11 roof without maintenance


Modeling Technology


Zhonghe alumina manganese metal roof panel has a unique pressure type technology makes the unique design and complete functions can be perfectly together. The shape of the product range - straight, fan-shaped plate, positively curved plate, anti bending plate, fan bent plate, etc. for the designer provides a variety of excellent choice, will allow designers to conceive the refreshing of architectural design. Dual Euler pressure plate available, the extremely complex shape and small size products, and convert the design principles and the structure of computer generated for realistic expectations for, even subvert traditional shape of roof design applications with ease.



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