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Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel

Detailed introduction

Zhonghe aluminium composite panel adopt 3000,5000 series of south-west alulminium as raw materials,Specially plastic core materials from Qilu Petrochemical.Polymer film of USA DUPONP and USA PPG paint with more than 70% fluorocarbon,with annual output 4 million square meter.

Fireproof alulminium composite panel passed A2,B1,B2 Grade,the fireproof plastic core based on the National Fire Protection Resear Center.

We have introduced the latest fluorocarbon film technology from Germany and can provide 20 years quality assurance.In particular,Made a comprehensive quality assurance for the disadvantages of the thermal transfer and color roll coating is not weather resistant.For stone pattern color and wood color and other color coating aluminum coil ,aluminum composite panel used in in exterior wall decoration,the quality is excellent and more reliable.

Anti fouling nano aluminum composite panel adopt nano paint which is the latest research result of paint Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has the powerful ability of anti-dirty.

Meanwhile,We also produce stainless steel plastic plate, copper plastic plate, aluminum plate, aluminum plate punching pattern, double-sided aluminum plate, aluminum plate, special-shaped wide mirror aluminum plate, aluminum plate, concave and convex outer wall granite vein aluminum-plastic plate, gold brushed silver brushed and Anole aluminum plate, is currently the best wall decoration materials.

production process

Hot topics for composite line is ACP forming the key equipment, and its role is to make aluminum, PE core material with the polymer membrane in the high-voltage continuous high fever The role of firmly bonded to form the formation board. Selection of imported polymer film companies, rely on advanced equipment and perfect the process, strict control, so that APCP is super peeling, the international famous brands have exceeded the target.

1. Plastics extrusion → 2. Plastic plates forming → 3. Paste polymer membrane → 4. Composite aluminum volume → 5. Thermal compound → 6. Cooling water roller → 7. Cooling fan → 8. School-forming → 9. Quality Inspection → 10. Shear → 11. Packaging




Technical parameters


Processing Method


Slotted hemming method


Installation node graph



Customize special colors:

If you need to order a special color of Daou companies color coated aluminum, you need to follow the following steps to the operation:
1, the first need to provide a sample of the required color (preferably with a metal plate as the substrate template, other material sample can also, but the accuracy rate is not as good as the metal plate template).
If you know that a desired color paint manufacturers color or the international standard color the operating procedure will be very simple, color matching results will very accurate, only need to provide the color number to my company's color experts give can be identified;
2, a new color sample by Daou company paint experts and our paint pigment supplier co formulated, under normal circumstances need about a week's time can provide you with a new color model;
3, you receive a sample after the need to give a written confirmation as soon as possible, after receipt of your confirmation, we will be in accordance with the order of the formal arrangements for the production of orders.



The panel comprises a polyethylene core between two aluminum skin, the LDPE core's thickness and alloy's width can be designed according to customers requirement, the front surface is coated with PVDF paints, the protective film on the top surface can be peeled off. The back sheet is done by anti-corrosive pretreament or coated with anti-corrosive paints.

A) May be widely used in exhibition, saloons, stores, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants and apartments.
B) An ideal decorative materials for buildings.
C) An ideal outer and inner walls.
D) Kitchen cabinet, billboards, signboards, tunnels, subway, interiors.
E) Ceilings, eaves, galleries, balconies, partitions, interior decorations.
F) Telephone Booth, vehicle bodies, yachts, industrial usage etc


Export loading


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